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Worship Opportunities
Come join us for Sunday School at 9:45!
Sunday Worship follows at 10:45! 

Seasonally, Wednesday Nights is Bible Study starting with a meal at 6:30!
Check Calendar for confirmation.
Youth meet on Sundays at various times - find out when, and then come join us - friends are always welcome!

Check it out, we're on YouTube!

 Every week we'll have a recording of the latest service uploaded, and you can access our YouTube Channel for previous services!

What can you expect on Sunday mornings?
Maryville Friends worships in the style of Programmed Friends. What that means is, we have a regular order of worship, we sing hymns, and we have a message delivered by the pastor or a guest speaker - in many ways a familiar, traditional Protestant worship style. Following the sermon, we enter a period of Open Worship - or as we like to call it, Communion in the Manner of Friends. This is very much in the fashion of classic Quaker Worship - a period of quiet and reflection when we open ourselves up to let God's Spirit speak directly to - and perhaps directly through - each individual. You may see someone stand and give a message during this time, or we may just sit in silence for some time before the worship is drawn to a close, depending on how the Spirit is moving. 
Come as you are! Friends do not place a premium on style of dress, and feel clothing - rough or fancy - should never be a barrier to worshiping God together.
Coming soon
More worship material, including bulletins and Wednesday evening materials!

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